What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work (Beginners)

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work (Beginners)

Hello friends how are you today we are going to talk about Affiliate Marketing in this post to earn money online, Affiliate Marketing is a skill-based approach, anyone can learn and do it easily. This will take you to areas of the online world that do not require a degree or formal education.

Do you want to understand what is Affiliate Marketing?

Friends, keep reading to know everything you need to know about this popular passive income method.

I would like to tell you guys that my journey with affiliate marketing started in 2020 when I accidentally came across an article on the internet. I was very surprised to know that how something so simple and powerful is not taught in our school and college or very few people talk about it.

Friends, in this post, my purpose is only to help you understand affiliate marketing, so that you can easily use this technique in any field to earn money.

Before we start to understand Affiliate Marketing to you, I want to show you the earning of a very big blogger earning money from Affiliate Marketing, whose name is Harsh Aggarwal, in one of his posts, he started his Affiliate Marketing with people. Earnings were shared, let me show you something amazing.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the affiliate programs I promoted:

Harsh Agarwal Affiliat Marketing Earning Proof

Let us tell you that it took about 2 years for Harsh ji to complete all this.

Harsh Agarwal Affiliat Marketing Earning Proof (1)

Whatever I saw above was the result of Harsh ji’s two and a half years.

But let me tell you, the real question is:

What did Harsh Aggarwal do that he got this kind of result, now the question comes, can you and I also do affiliate marketing like this?

Harsh has done all this work for only 7-8 hours in a day to complete those things which Harsha loved very much. Not a single day in his online career life has gone by, in which he has felt like pressure or something that I do not want to do.

In other blogger and in Harsh the only thing that makes a difference with other blogger is that Harsh never cheated anyone in his own way. He devoted 7 -8 hours of work, and based on his 10 years of experience, he always gave correct information to the people

Harsh believes that any person with a decent IQ can start making $3000-4000 easily within 7 -9 months by doing regular exercise every day for 2 hours.

The question arises that how is all this possible?

Today I will tell you about the details of affiliate marketing, and more technical, but before that let’s teach you some basics.

If you really want to learn something from affiliate marketing then it is one of those skills that you learn yourself by reading guides like this or watching YouTube videos like this.

With this affiliate marketing guide to you my friends and dear readers, I want to provide you all the details about:

  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • How does affiliate marketing work
  • How to get started with Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Glossary

Friends, this is your guide and post made to make you master the art of Affiliate Marketing. You can bookmark it with all the linked articles.


OK, let’s get started.

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What is Affiliate Marketing? How does it work?

Do you know that Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest forms of Digital Marketing? In which you can refer a person to any online product and when that person buys the product based on the recommendation made by you, then you get a small commission from the sale of that product.

The biggest companies around the world like Google, Amazon, Apple also have an affiliate program, which is free for people from all over the world to join for a lifetime. If you do not know about it, then this guide Let’s focus your full attention on the rest, my friend, you are about to discover one of the most interesting aspects of earning money from home.

This commission can vary from $1 to $10,000 depending on the product you are promoting through affiliate marketing.

Let us tell you about Affiliate Marketing 4 easy steps, how it works:

First of all, you need to join an affiliate program.
After that, you will get a link to a product to promote.
After that, you can easily share that link through your website or social media, blog, YouTube video, Facebook page ads or any other form of your affiliate link
When someone makes a purchase, you earn a decent affiliate commission.

Friends, if you do not understand yet, then let us try to understand you in simple words:

All over the world, when any company sells its product online, that company provides its affiliate program for people, in which anyone can join. For your information, let us tell you that it is as easy as creating your account on Facebook.

In just a few minutes anyone can easily sign up for this program and then get their unique tracking link. After that, when you join an affiliate program all you have to do is write about their product, use this special tracking affiliate link to recommend the company site to you to get a commission. By doing this, whenever your readers buy anything by clicking on your affiliate link, you will get a small commission.

Now the question must have come to your mind that is it as easy as it seems?

I can say yes and no to this.

There are 2 reasons for me to say yes:

The first reason is that you can easily join an affiliate program.
The second reason is that you are being paid for this.

You will never have any problem with payment because you should say thanks to the advancements in digital marketing and services like PayPal and Payoneer, these are going to be of great help to you for doing affiliate marketing in the future and it is all automated.

There are only 2 reasons for me not speaking:

If you are thinking of being successful in Affiliate Marketing in the true sense, then you need to take regular daily training. Think of it as learning some work, and you have to work hard every day of your life, only then you will get better.

The second reason is that you have to give your time for this work, you have to compromise with your daily life, many people have a lot of household chores, it is difficult for them to find the time.

It depends on you how hard you want to do this work?

Now is the time to decide what you want to lose and what you want to gain.

If one enjoys financial freedom for the rest of his life by working just 2 to 3 hours per day, then it may not be a bad deal.

How to Start Affiliate marketing for New Bloggers:

Friends are many ways for you so that you can join the affiliate marketing program.

There are some ways that you can gladly choose:

  • One you create YouTube channels and promote products.
  • Buy traffic from PPC sites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Drive Traffic for affiliate products or services. It is called PPC Marketing, and those who have taken the original course of digital marketing, they can better understand. For comfort, give it a little time and you will understand it.
  • You create an email list by creating a small website. Example if finishes
  • Once you create blogs that should be on the targeted niche, start a blog and use it to promote a product. This is the easiest and best way to start an affiliate marketing business so far. For example, You can promote any products to the Amazon website on your website.
  • You start a podcast and recommend products.

Friends, we have given some steps to get you started with affiliate marketing through your blog:

Here is just one highlight for you, as we go on to tell you in this free course for you, if you want to build your own Affiliate Marketing System then what will be explained to you here will be explained in the depth of your heart. Gotta remember.

  • start your own blog
  • Choose a profitable industry for you
  • You have to choose the affiliate products you want to promote
  • Build content around your affiliate products
  • Drive traffic to affiliate posts
  • Use email-marketing services to save visitor emails
  • Focus on driving as much traffic as possible and repeating the process.

Blogging can prove to be one of the most effective ways for you to start your affiliate marketing, let us tell you that it will require a minimum investment, and you can easily learn everything about it in just a few months.

How Do I Find An Affiliate Program To Join?

Is it challenging for me to find a new affiliate program?
No, not at all, if you do it in the right way, you can increase your earning potential very easily.

Here are some ways you can find new affiliate programs:

  • Affiliateizer: This is a Chrome addon that will help you find new affiliate programs easily.

  • Some are affiliate networks and some are marketing platforms that will help you find new affiliate programs.

  • Analysis of your competitor: Analyze some of the top websites in the area you’re targeting, then build your own list of the affiliate products they promote. Doing so will help you find high value and profitable affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing terminologies:

Here are some common affiliate marketing terms we’ve got for you:

Affiliates: Publishers like us who are using affiliate program links to promote and create sales.
Affiliate Links: Special tracking links are provided by our affiliate program to track the progress of your affiliate promotions.
Affiliate ID: Similar to affiliate links, but many affiliate programs provide a unique ID that you can add to any page of the product site.
Custom Coupons: Many programs allow participants to create custom coupons that are also used to track sales. Custom discount coupons also help you increase affiliate sales.
Your Payment Mode: Different affiliate programs offer different modes of payment for you.
Affiliate Markets: There are many markets like ClickBank, CJShares, and so on. These serve as the central database for affiliate programs in different regions.
Examples: Check, Wire Transfer, PayPal and others.
Affiliate Manager/OPM: Affiliate Manager/OPM: Many companies have dedicated Affiliate Managers to help publishers of the Internet world earn more by giving them optimization tips
2-Level Affiliate Marketing: This is a great way to earn money from affiliate programs. With this method, you recommend that other affiliate programs join, and you get a commission when a sub-affiliate makes a sale (similar to MLM or multi-level-marketing). This income is also known as a sub-affiliated commission.
Affiliate Software: Usually software used by companies to create affiliate programs for their product.
Example: First Promoter.
Custom Affiliate Revenue/Account: Unlike a normal affiliate account, many companies offer custom affiliate revenue to the people who make the most affiliate sales for themselves.
Landing page: A unique product sales or demo page used for the purpose of increasing sales. Most of the programs you’re promoting have multiple landing pages, and you can run A/B tests to see which pages convert best for you.
Link Clocking: Link Clocking: Mostly you will find affiliate tracking links to look ugly… By using link cloaking techniques like URL shortener, Thirty Affiliates etc., you can convert ugly links into links that your readers can read and understand.
Commission Percentage/Amount: The amount or percentage you receive in affiliate revenue from each sale.

For companies offering affiliate programs to you, this is said to be one of the best ways to get free promotions, thus saving these companies a lot on advertising.

For example, understand that whenever anyone sees a coupon or discount link, most often it contains affiliate links, and when someone makes a purchase through that link or coupon, they earn money from it.

Let us tell you that every affiliate program has a set TOS.

For example, payment status, cookie and policy etc.

It is important to explain the cookie policy, as it is an intermediate level topic, but it will give you an idea about the possibilities of affiliate marketing.

Be aware that many affiliate products may offer a cookie period of 30-150 days, which simply means that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link to land on an affiliate product website, they may now Don’t buy anything from there at that time, but if that visitor will visit that site again and in the next 30-150 days, you will earn an affiliate commission.

Affiliate Marketing: FAQ

We’ll answer some common questions webmasters and marketers often ask you about affiliate marketing:

Is it important to have a blog for affiliate promotion?

In fact, a blog is the best promotional tool. Apart from this, you can always use methods like PPC or advertising to promote any product and increase your commission earning.
Let me tell you that this is one of the very popular ways to grow fast in Affiliate Marketing.

What qualifications do I need to become an affiliate marketer?

There is virtually no qualification required for you to become the best affiliate marketer, but you do need to have the best copywriting skills, and having marketing skills is an added advantage.

How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?

You don’t have to pay any fees to join the affiliate program, however, your total cost depends on what kind of promotional techniques you are using to do affiliate marketing.

Suppose you want to do affiliate marketing by creating a blog, then you will have to bear the cost of the domain, hosting, theme, plugin, apart from this you can also use a free blog, but you will get success in it or not.

Affiliate Marketing and AdSense: Can We Use Both Together?

Yes, you can use both together, we can say that because affiliate marketing does not violate any AdSense TOS. For some big bloggers, affiliate marketing works better than Adsense, and this is one of the reasons why people rarely show AdSense ads on their blogs.

How do I find new products to do affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketplaces are the best places to start your affiliate marketing research. If possible, you can browse your niche, and you can also see the top-performing affiliate programs.

Alternatively, you can take a look at other blogs of your kind and see what products they are promoting and the methods they are using to promote them.

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