How to monetize a blog without ads

How to Make Money from Your Blog Without Advertisements

How to monetize a blog without ads?: If you know even a little about blogging, then you will know that bloggers usually limit themselves by using easy ad networks like Google AdSense, or PropellerAds to earn from their blog.

Are you one of those bloggers? Or you are one of those who do not believe in advertising on your blog and may want to explore other earning opportunities from your blog.

There is no doubt that advertising is the easiest way to make money from blogging, but I do not challenge your noble idea of ​​not advertising to give a great user experience.

Here today in this post we are going to share with you some amazing working methods used by some professional bloggers to earn income without advertising, have a read of this post and you can choose the one that suits your requirement. can.

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How to monetize a blog without ads

Friends, we are going to tell you about any additional measures, which you can easily implement on your blog apart from putting Adsense or any other ad network.

Native Advertising

There has been a great debate over whether native advertising is ethical, but the reality is that major publications are making very good money with native advertising quite easily. The great thing about native advertising is that you mix the marketing message for your advertiser in a way that looks editorial and not advertising.

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Become a freelance expert writer

If you are blogging on any niche of your choice, then you can earn a lot from freelance writing. Your article writing is great, and you think you can easily target a wider audience, so drop an email to the other big blogs in your niche and let them know you’re looking for a writing job. You will be surprised to know that the owners of big blogs are always looking for good niche writers.

Let us tell you that you can easily earn anything from $10-$1000 by writing a single blog post. If this idea fits your need, you can create a landing page on your blog and leave a catchy headline like “Hire me”, or write it as a landing page for a potential recruiter. You can get writing jobs from any of the sites listed here.

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