difference between posts and pages in wordpress

Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress

Hello friends do you know? By default, WordPress gives you two different ways to create content – ​​a post and a page.

In order to make any new site more user-friendly, it is most important to properly use posts and pages whenever someone adds new content.

But when a new person is starting his site, it can be difficult for him to know when he should use post and when should use page.

Let us help you understand whether a post or page is right for your site content, I am going to cover the Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress in detail in this post.
Let’s start…

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WordPress Difference Between Pages And Posts

Let us try to understand the difference between posts and pages in WordPress in detail:

WordPress Pages: This is meant for static, timeless content, and WordPress Pages have nothing to do with the publication date when the publication date matters in the post. You must have seen its publication date at the bottom of any of your posts, but you will not find it on this page. see below screenshots


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As you have seen that post has a date and the page does not have a date

WordPress Posts: Official publication dates exist and are displayed on the blog page of your site by date. Created your new blog, write your content, you can write a normal blog post, the post will appear on your site according to the date.


4  Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress

  1. When you compose a post, you can categorize that post, but the pages are hierarchical.
  2. Blog posts appear in your RSS feed, but not blog pages.
  3. WordPress posts have custom “formats”, but pages only have a few templates depending on your blog theme.
  4. Your blog post usually has a public author, but the page does not.


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